Saturday, January 12, 2008

Khmer Dictionary Developing

New Khmer Dictionary, developed by the Institute of National Language (INL) and was officially published in 2005, is being developed from Orthographic Dictionary (Spelling Dictionary of the Cambodian Language) to explanatory dictionary. It identifically follows the orthographic spelling in the Khmer Dictionary, generally known as Samdech Choun Nat Dictionary which published in its fifth edition in 1967.

The Weekly Reporting Progress of Khmer Dictionary Committee in INL


Anonymous said...

when this dictionary finish completely. we are waiting for the detail dictionary.

Anonymous said...

Is it better than old dictionary or not? We are waiting for this dictionary very much. Bestt wish

Anonymous said...

It is good if we have digital dictionary in your web. Can you put it?

Anonymous said...

Where is the new book avaible to buy?

PucAngkor said...

It is avaible at in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Or contact institute of National Language in Royal Academy of Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

The Institute of Natioanal Language, Royal Academy of Cambodia urgently needs the fund from any donation because we already have done on Khmer Language Programme and we have not enough to work on it; we should move forward to working on the other languages: the ethnic minority languages of Cambodia. However, we need immediately to unite the Khmer language first before we try to work on the other programme. In addition, without the Dictionary of Khmre publised by the Institute of Buddhist we could not expand our programme on the Dictionary of Orthographic Khmer language.
This is my view on Khmer language.

Vong Meng
Khmer Language Programme for foreigners, Institute of National Language, Royal Academy of cambodia