Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Khmer for Tourism

Only learning in class does not really complete the study’s aim, i.e. students have to do their practice on what they have studied out side the class, known as learning by doing.
Planchay is a recreation site of Roi Et province, Thailand. In here, a group of students from Mahasarakham University were describing the view, historical, and other attractive things. They acted themselves as tour guides. They shared each other describing and tried to explane those things to do their best to their clients, their Khmer lecturers. The purposes of this activities, are firstly for finding scores and secondly for practicing their Khmer language, Khmer for Tourism, that they have just completed in class. Khmer for Tourism is one of the courses of Khmer studies in Mahasarakham University launched by the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences which aims to produce personal abilities to be a guide in Khmer lanugage or for the one who prefers learning Khmer language as professional guide. (More Pictures)

On the way coming back, the tour took the time to visit Prang Ku Ban Kwao, where is one of chapels in Mahasarakham Province. This chapel is located in Maung district of the province. The brief legent of this temple from the note is "The main laterite structures are comprised of a principle tower facing east, enclosure walls on four sides and an entrance pavilion on the east wall. On the southeast of the principle pagoda there are traces of another laterite structure of two Buddha images, it is assmused that Prang Ku Ban Khao was a religious site for the practise of Mahayana Buddhism and also a chapel of the hospital built by King Yayavaraman VII of Khmer in the 18th Buddhist century." (More Pictures)