Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Artistic Handicrafts of the Ethnic Group from Tai-Lao-Khmer

Department of Thai and Oriental Languages,
Humanity and Social Faculty, Mahasarakham University,

The population in the Northeastern of Thailand, or called as, ‘Isan’, has originated in various ethnic groups of Tai-Lao-Khmer. These groups of people not only proceed their living intelligibly, they also have succeeded to conserve their cultural arts since the ancient period, especially the process of weaving. The groups make clothes for daily-used and Buddha venerated or divine worshiped. The weaving textiles are usually made from cotton or silkworm. Each one has distinctively processes of weaving, which are ‘Mudmee silk’, ‘Khid’, ‘Choug’, ‘Heang-ka-rog or soft silk’, and ‘Phrae-wa’. Each kind of those textiles has its own exquisite and worthy style and represents the national intellect, as the heritage of cultural arts. Thus, these textiles should be conserved and boosted continually.

Key word: Textiles, The artistic handicraft.

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